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Enjoy a little indulgence with The Rookery's

Afternoon Tea

You can experience The Rookery’s afternoon tea at home!

Served on it’s very own stand, simply lift the lid an enjoy.

Available Friday, Saturday and Sunday for collection and local delivery.

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Welcome to our restaurant at Carnoustie Golf Links. For as long as anyone can remember, crows have made their name in this area. In fact, legend has it that the old Scots name, ‘Craws Nestie’ is where our much-loved Carnoustie got its name. Over the years these resourceful, community-minded birds have made their home in our coastal town, as, like golf, they belong in this challenging and formidable place. They call it home. We call it The Rookery.



You’ll find the restaurant on the upper floor of Links House at Carnoustie Golf Links, enjoying expansive views over this iconic golf course and to the sea beyond.

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